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Living Green - Sustainable Fishing

Living Green - Sustainable Fishing

Recreational fishing pressure on our public waters is increasing and is having an impact on fish populations. Fishing is a multi-million dollar activity and proper fishing techniques will help preserve fish populations and help keep this valuable economic activity viable. Join Dr. Mark Hostetler as he explores several sustainable fishing issues; proper catch and release techniques; regulation for keeping fish; proper disposal of fishing line; and even the dangers of feeding fish carcasses to birds.

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Living Green is more than just a new public television series from WUFT-TV/DT, it reflects a new way of life for the 21st century. Living Green focuses on how communities incorporate environmental concerns into their homes and neighborhoods to help preserve natural resources for future generations. Each episode, hosted by Dr. Mark Hostetler, a University of Florida Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, incorporates an upbeat and humorous approach to the myriad of challenges and solutions associated with environmental issues. Specific attention is paid to the solutions to growth/environmental challenges, and the opportunities for individuals, developers, and counties to search for "win-win" strategies that balance socioeconomic and environmental concerns in the own community.

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Date Published: 2009-08-06
By: UF/IFAS Communication Services and WUFT
Duration: 28:09

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